10 – Diane Ackerman’s “Deep Play” (and free Chapter 1)!

One of the first covers of Diane Ackerman’s book “Deep Play” defines play as:

“noun: 1. A state of unconscious engagement with our surroundings. 2. An exalted zone of transcendence over time. 3. A state of optimal creative capacity.”

Diane Ackerman, an author of more than 15 books, offers a great contribution to the play discussion with her book “Deep Play.” And you can read the first chapter for free at the link below!

This excerpt from Chapter 1 says it best: “This book is not a conclusion but an exploration. It invites you to look closely at the human saga, and consider how much of it revolves around play. Basic play, elaborate play, crude play, sophisticated play, violent play, casual play. Most animals play. Evolution itself plays with lifeforms. Whole cultures play with customs, ideas, belief systems, and fashions. But it’s a special caliber of play—deep—that leads to transcendence, creativity, and a need for the sacred.”

Our celebration and exploration of play wouldn’t be complete with Ms. Ackerman’s voice and insights. Read Chapter 1 here!