66 – Unlimited Vacation? Could it be true?

Unlimited vacation sounds a bit too good to be true, but there are some companies that are really embracing this.

On a personal note, I’ll share that for a couple of years I worked for the agency of record for Apple, Media Arts Lab, and they had “unlimited vacation” on paper, however that was not at all the culture. I was told off the record I shouldn’t be taking more than 15 days per year, though a friend in another department made sure his employees took a minimum of 20. What it came down to was a few things: your manager’s perspective and the culture of your department. Some people have shared with me that their experiences with companies with “unlimited vacation” were on paper only, and if you took more than a few weeks per year, you were likely to be let go.

Read the article that prompted my post from NPR here. And tell me, what have your experiences been with unlimited vacation? It sure is a great idea, especially when one considers this TED Talk on motivation and how people really are their most productive.