Breaking News: Play is Important for Adults Too!

Play isn’t just for children. It’s a deep biological need we all share, and has a near endless amount of benefits to our health, lives, and happiness.

In an article on the topic, the Washington Post writes how play can reduce stress in adults and contribute to greater well being. Reducing stress and greater well being, are valuable on their own merits, but these changes can have a positive domino effect in the other areas of our lives too: relationships, problem solving, work productivity, sex life, sleep, and even aging.

Read the full article here, and the next time you have the urge to go do something playful, but have the thought, “I really should be working instead,” maybe give it a second thought. That play time might be just the thing you need to be more productive in your work endeavors, while bettering your overall well being in the process too.

How do you take playful breaks in your day? Have you found a good way to balance the two, or are you all work and no play these days? Does a life with more play (and less stress, better sleep, greater productivity and happier relationships) sound appealing, and if so, what’s keeping you from making it a priority? Alternatively, what life hacks work for you to help keep play a priority in your life? Please feel free to share. Your simple life hack might just be the tip someone else needs!

To healthier, more playful lives for us all!