Real Talk on Children and Television:

Is television inherently bad for children, especially young children? And if so, why? Psychology Today discusses one answer to this question. It seems that studies show when a child watches television, even if the parents are with them and engaged, the level of connection and communication, and more importantly, the quality of that communication is less than direct interaction with reading or play.

The article goes on to share that while “some parents may believe that they can’t offer their children the kinds of educational experiences that TV provides,” that in fact they are wrong.  “Children learn the best from real people, especially people who are important to them.  When parents talk with their children, they not only promote their language development, but also teach their children that they are valued and important.”

Read the full article in Psychology Today here

What are some ways that you like to engage with your children – or you remember your parents engaging with you? Television can be a useful resource for the busy parent. Are there any parents out there that have useful wisdom to share? Tell us your stories!