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Get Inspired Series: Our Get Inspired Series are interviews with amazing people going about things a little bit differently. Meet these incredible people from around the world – and maybe, you know, get inspired too!

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Place’s Places: See on the map where Playful Trekker goes next! Is there a place I’m missing that I shouldn’t be? Tell me about it!

Visuals: Ah the beauty of our planet, it’s people, and captured moments in time. Go here to travel with Playful Trekker from the comfort of home (or your smarty pants device), and see the beauty of our planet on demand – as Playful Trekker explores all the beautiful and playful corners of this pale blue dot of ours. *(Appreciative nod to beloved Mr. Carl Sagan here).

Playful – The Podcast! I am so excited to share our totally new podcast that explores our deep biological drive to PLAY! Listen to each new episode, as we learn from intimate interviews with fascinating experts and insightful others, exploring play through the many lenses of: science and innovation, love and relationships, adventure, creativity, mindfulness and connection, and humanity’s enduring reflections on happiness. With this deeper understanding, we aspire to connect more fully with ourselves, each other, and our worldwide community. (Oh, and learn some pretty neat stuff in the process too). *Update: Our first interviewee of Season 1 is with world renowned play expert, and the founder of The National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown! Listen here!

How you or your organization can work with me:

Play Scouting & Travel Writing:

I research, visit, interview, explore, experience, document, and review various types of PLAY in places around the world. I’m interested in how different cultures express and share this curious and universal biological need. By sharing and bringing people and cultures together, through play, we inspire deeper connection and healthier, happier lives.

Certified Laughter Yoga:

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, I offer Laughter Yoga Workshops and LY Leader Certifications to groups and communities that need it most. Book a Laughter Yoga class or certification for your group or community, and learn first-hand how the power of laughter and play strengthens, heals, and brings people together.

Seasoned Storytelling:

As a seasoned producer, with more than a decade of experience, I offer visual and auditory storytelling to compliment the written word. Everyone deserves to be heard and to meaningfully connect with the world. I take the honor of sharing others’ experiences to heart, and most importantly, I share the beauty of your unique communities and cultures with the rest of our curious planet. When my schedule allows, I always welcome new projects, big and little, visual or auditory in nature.

Questions / Comments / Story Suggestions?

Have a question, comment, or story suggestion about interesting play somewhere on the planet, (or anything else you’d like to share with Playful Trekker)? Let me know! I’m always thrilled to hear from you. You are invited to use the convenient contact form here, or you are more than welcome to email me directly at: hello (at) playfultrekker (dot) com.

Interested in sharing your cultural or playful destination, organization, or play or travel related event or contest with Playful Trekker? As long as it is relevant to Playful Trekker’s mission and benefits our readers, we are open to sharing it. Just drop us a line to get that ball rollin’!

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I hope you all find regular joy and inspiration through Playful Trekker, and that this website and our new podcast adds a small but meaningful drop in the bucket, to create a more playful and more connected world.
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