14 – Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work!

Every year, I always make sure to peak at Outside Magazine’s life os the Best Places to Work. If there’s one thing they often have in common, it’s allowing their employees the freedom and time to enjoy their lives, which (not surprisingly) always ends up benefiting the company and communities that their employees live and work in too.

And if there is one theme that appears year after year, you guessed it, it is the time and opportunity for PLAY! Well done, Outside Magazine. We, at Playful Trekker, commend the time is takes to make this list every year, and we look forward to more companies recognizing the value of play in their plans for the future of their companies.

As more and more research shows the benefits that having the time to play provides, such as productivity, better health and well being, stronger community, increased innovation and creativity, and straight up financial success, we hope more companies will see the light, and engage their playful spirits, inspiring their employees, their customers, and the communities in which they belong in the process..

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