MeetUp and Discover Something New!

Whether you’re looking to discover something new, like rappelling down waterfalls or looking to discuss passive income with the business curious, it’s never, in the history of humanity, been easier to connect with those who share your interests. Not all of these may be play related, but if you’re looking to discover a new hobby, rediscover an old one, or connect with people who share your current passions, MeetUp is one of those places where kindred spirits connect.

MeetUp has more than 6 million monthly visitors and more than a quarter of a million MeetUps in more than 45,000 cities around the globe. If you’re in a play rut, this might be just the ticket for you to jump-start your new, more playful life.

Join MeetUp here! And see what playful ideas you haven’t even thought of yet.

*(By the way, Playful Trekker doesn’t get any kick-backs for recommending this awesome site. I share it simply because it has value, and I wish to add value and more moments of play to my readers’ lives).

Play on, you playful humans!