About PT

PLAYFUL TREKKER was born out of an appreciation for the importance and power of play and exploration, and its role in the health, happiness and general well-being of our world community. That and an insatiable need for travel and adventure. This deep curiosity and desire to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and SHARE just how, where and why the world plays – keeps Playful Trekker playin’, trekkin’ and rockin’! I hope you will join me for my journey around the planet, as I continue to learn and discover what the world has to teach me. You can also find me on Twitter (Handle: @PlayfulTrekker) and Facebook, where I often share curious things I find that spark my imagination, feed my wanderlust, teach me something new about myself or the planet (or space, I am a space-aholic), or are just plain, good ol’ fashioned fun.

So what’s with all this PLAY anyways?

I founded Playful Trekker because I believe that the importance of play in our health and well-being is right up there with food and sound peaceful sleep, and is a necessity that our culture so often lets fall by the wayside, (and I’m not the only one: TEDNIFPNY Times, Univ. of Maryland Medical Center, American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Madan Kataria, American Journal of Play). Playful Trekker shares scientific, anthropological and other play related finds, as well as the life-changing benefits of play with the people of our world, and aims to inspire others to add a bit more play to their every day lives. It is also a wonderful mechanism to help me to continue to explore, learn and discover what brings me my own version of Play and happiness. And finally (of course), it is to scour this little blue planet of our’s finding the best, hidden and most amazing types of play – and to share these wonderful discoveries with YOU and our global community!

I hope you will join me for the journey, and that you find many pieces and bits of inspiration here to follow your own dreams, whatever they may be. Find out a bit more behind the “Play” story and check out The Film!if you’re interested in taking a peek.

“To accomplish great things,

we must dream as well as act.”

-Anatole France

Adventure-holics, travel addicts, lovers of play, and those sitting at your desk right now dreaming: Take a look around! You’ll find articles about travel (link), science (link), play (link), and exploration (link) (in its many glorious forms), as well as interviews (link) with extraordinary people who have some very interesting pieces to add to the PLAY discussion. (Let’s call it an adventure though, shall we? Just for fun).


And don’t forget to…


Check out our Get Inspired page to find interviews and videos with fascinating people around the world. A man who quit his fulltime job to buy a warehouse and make it a rock-climbing gym and then sold nearly everything he owns to build his very own 117 square foot tiny house! (link), a female motorcyclist who’s traveled the world (including Everest Basecamp) on her bike Thelma and has been to more than 90 countries on planet Earth (link), an 83 year road-tripping grandma?! (link) and many other intimate looks into the lives of extraordinary people around the globe. You know, just a little extra dose of play to get Playful Trekker readers inspired each day.


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