65 – Centenarians and What We Can Learn From Them

A little over a decade ago, when my team and I were working on the documentary Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts, we got the incredible opportunity to interview and chat with some experts studying centenarians, and I must admit, since the very first conversation about it, my fascination has stuck. From Blue Zones to articles and books on the topic, I’m instantly interested. And the thing is, I don’t think I’m the only. Who doesn’t want to live to a healthy 100 years old?

The New England Centenarian Study… Read the overview of this study here. The magazine prevention gives us “30 Surprising Signs You’ll Live to 100” here, and here are 8 things you can do to help yourself to get there!

If you want to take the “living to 100” calculator, for whatever its worth, you can do that here. (Note that you do have to give your email address to get your score. Mine was 90! What’s yours?)

And if you’re interested in the traits people who live to 100 have in common, check out the piece in Time here.

One thing’s for sure, life is fleeting and pretty darn precious. However much time we all have, may we all spend our time thoughtfully and with as much health and joy as possible.

And here’s to a bit more play in the mix. Should this site contribute even slightly to that, I will be a happy lady.